21 Things You Think About When You're Observing Kosher For Passover

If your like me, you probably have already broken passover. If you haven’t, that’s quite awesome of you, but passover cereal is pretty bad, and while I do actually enjoy matzah, dorito’s are the bees knees my friend.

Who was the best businesswoman in the bible?

Pharos daughter. She pulled a profit out of water

Man Kills 3 at Jewish Centers in Kansas City Suburb

I usually do not post sad or serious articles on this blog, but I thought that this was important, especially since it happened so close to Passover. Anti-Semitism, hate crimes, and racism are still alive in the world. Take the time to read this article in long form, and reflect upon it. I hope people see this, since I have opted out of mentioning the killers name. Why should I give him notoriety?

Sangria: The Unsung Hero Of Passover

Passover is actually a great reason to get hammered. Think about how many times during the cedar people are asked to raise their glasses and drink wine. It’s time to toss the manischewitz and move up to something a little more tasty and classy

Which Famous Person Should Come To Your Passover Seder?

With Passover just a day away, I’m sure all of you are wondering this same thing.

A Guy Named God Is Suing Equifax for Not Recognizing His Name | TIME

The History Of Manischewitz. Where Did That Sweet Grape Wine Come From?

With Passover around the corner, take a minute to read up on the history of the Wine that started it all