How The NFL’s Jews Can Support Husain Abdullah

So, as most of my sports fans know, during Monday night’s game between KC and NE, KC Safety Husain Abdullah intercepted a Patriot’s pass, and ran the ball in for a TD. Mr Abdullah, a devout Muslim, immediately dropped to his knees in prayer, only to result in a penalty.

This angers me as a Jewish person, and as a human being in general. As a religious sect that is not always look upon favorably by a vast majority of society, the fact that the NFL would penalize someone for their religious beliefs is preposterous, ESPECIALLY since when Tim Tebow would pray after a play, not only was he NOT penalized, but his prayer actually went viral (anyone remember Tebowing?)

Hit the jump for HEEB’s OP piece about the situation. It’s both humorous and honest

Is it a Jewish Holiday? ( a Goyum’s guide)

A lot of my non Jewish friends are constantly reminding me that the jewish people do indeed have a lot of holidays. While I myself as a reform Jew only celebrate the big holidays, ( Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, Passover, and Hanukah) there are actually like a zillion little stupid holidays that literally mean basically nothing, but the orthodox always take off work for.

With this handy little website, you non jews can check to see if today is a real Jewish Holiday, or if your Jewish buddy is just trying to avoid work, You’re welcome :-)