Birthright Is Still Leading Trips To Israel Despite The War In Gaza

Me personally, I completed my birthright trip last summer, and it was awesome. I felt very safe while I was over there. That being said.. No one was at war at that point. My prayers are with birthright that they know what they are doing.

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These Pictures Show TVs Across Israel Tuned Into The Gaza War

Shabbat shalom from the USA. As we continue to follow the war going on in Israel right now from a more personal/ civilian perspective, we bring you a look at people across the country as they are united, unfortunately, by the threat of war, which will seeming last forever it seems.

Our thoughts and prayers of course go out to ALL innocent civilians.

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Now this is interesting…. Nice to take your mind off the actual war for a moment and focus on actual thoughts from young Israelis

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Finally something funny